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VAT Services

VAT Services Comprehensive VAT Services VAT PLANNING & DISPUTES VAT compliance is becoming increasingly intricate, with potentially intense VAT investigations. Success in negotiations with tax authorities is paramount. Our services excel in: Maximizing available VAT reliefs. Expertly interpreting VAT regulations. Providing peace of mind to our clients. We offer valuable advice on VAT schemes tailored […]

Tax Returns & Self-Assessment

Tax Returns & Self Assessment Tax Returns & Self Assessment Providing Comprehensive Tax Services At Haris & Co Accountants, we offer tax return services for individuals, individual businesses, and corporations. Ensuring Compliance The self-assessment process is complex, with HMRC imposing penalties and possessing extensive investigation powers. To navigate this system effectively: Ensure accurate completion of […]

Tax Planning

Tax Planning Maximise Tax Efficiancy, Legally You have the right to organize your financial affairs to minimize your tax burden within the bounds of the law. Beyond Compliance While fulfilling tax return and legal obligations is crucial, every accountant should do this and provide you with your tax position and liabilities. We aim to go […]

Tax Investigations

Tax Investigations Tax Investigations Navigating HMRC Investigations In the realm of business, it’s an unfortunate reality that HMRC may initiate investigations, irrespective of your innocence or your accountant’s competence. HMRC conducts inquiries randomly and for specific reasons, making such investigations an unwelcome experience. Expert defense is invaluable in such situations. Random Selections If you’re chosen […]

Personal Tax

Personal Tax Personal Tax Simplify Tax Matters Are you in need of assistance with your tax return or looking to reduce your tax burden? We offer personal tax services catering to both business owners and individuals. Our services include: Self Assessment: We cover all aspects of the self-assessment process. Tax Returns: Expertly handle your tax […]

Payroll & PAYA Returns

Payroll & PAYE Returns Payroll & PAYE Returns Let Us Handle Your Payroll Hassles Starting your own business was smooth sailing until the day you hired your first employee and unwittingly transformed into an unpaid tax collector. That’s when the weight of bureaucracy became apparent. Let us alleviate your stress and allow you to focus […]


Employment Employment At Haris & Co, we understand that employment can be a complex journey, whether you’re an employee or self-employed. Our mission is to assist you in navigating the intricacies of your employment status and provide the support you need to succeed. Here’s how we can help: Employment Status Evaluation: We’ll assess your specific […]

Contractors & IR35

Contractors & IR35 Contractors & IR35 Navigating the complex world of contracting and IR35 regulations can be challenging, but at Haris & Co Accountants, we’ve got you covered. Our Services for Contractors & IR35: Comprehensive Guidance: We provide expert guidance to contractors, ensuring they understand the implications of IR35 legislation and how it affects their […]