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Business Advisory

Business Advisory

At Haris & Co, we provide comprehensive advisory services to businesses across various critical areas:

  1. Business Growth: Haris & Co specialises in assisting businesses in identifying growth opportunities, formulating growth strategies, and implementing plans to achieve sustainable expansion. They conduct thorough market analysis, financial assessments, and help businesses navigate growth challenges.

  2. Business Valuation: Ensuring that businesses understand their true worth, Haris & Co offers expert business valuation services. With extensive experience and industry knowledge, they assess assets, liabilities, and market conditions to determine accurate valuations.

  3. Business Plans: Haris & Co assists in crafting robust business plans that cover all essential aspects, including objectives, financial forecasts, marketing strategies, and risk assessment. These plans are invaluable for attracting investors and guiding the business toward success.

  4. Management Systems: We also assist businesses establish efficient management systems that enhance productivity and compliance. From financial management to operational processes, Haris & Co ensures that management systems are optimized for success.

  5. Raising Finance: Haris & Co is well-versed in identifying diverse sources of finance for businesses, including loans, equity investments, and grants. They guide businesses in securing the right financing options to fuel growth.

  6. Business Startup Services: For startups, Haris & Co provides tailored services, including legal structure advice, registration support, taxation planning, and financial guidance. Their expertise ensures startups start on a solid foundation.

Haris & Co’s commitment to excellence and client-centric approach makes us a trusted partner for businesses seeking expert advisory services in the UK. They leverage their extensive knowledge to empower businesses in achieving their goals and maintaining financial health.