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Tax Returns & Self Assessment

Tax Returns & Self Assessment

Providing Comprehensive Tax Services

At Haris & Co Accountants, we offer tax return services for individuals, individual businesses, and corporations.
Ensuring Compliance

The self-assessment process is complex, with HMRC imposing penalties and possessing extensive investigation powers. To navigate this system effectively:

  1. Ensure accurate completion of tax returns.
  2. Submit returns on time to avoid penalties.
  3. Maintain proper backup records for the required period.
Beyond Compliance

We go the extra mile by offering:

  1. Tax advice to optimize your financial position.
  2. Negotiation with tax authorities when necessary.
  3. Identification of tax planning opportunities.
  4. Comprehensive tax computations.
  5. Handling all correspondence from HMRC, relieving you of worries.

Our mission is to ensure that you meet your tax obligations while maximizing your tax efficiency within the bounds of the law.