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Business Plans

Business plans are regularly required to support funding applications, especially bank loans.

We can help with all aspects of the business plan, including

  • The business strategy and setting goals
  • Budget
  • The cash flow forecasts
  • Earnings forecasts
  • All written elements of the plan, such as commercial information, marketing plan, SWOT analysis, markets, competition and all other key elements to be present in the most appropriate lenders.

Having produced the plan, you need to control how they are doing against the plan and we can help with this.

See our helpsheet on writing a business plan.


Business Valuation

The assessments may be needed to

  • The monitoring of how the business is performing against the objectives
  • Taxes and negotiation with tax authorities
  • Business sales and purchases
  • Mergers
  • Divorce proceedings and matrimonial disputes
  • Obtaining of funding
  • Company to repurchase shares
  • Tax planning
  • Financial reporting requirements
  • The shareholders / partners disputes
  • Pensions and exit planning.

We provide services to the business valuation of unincorporated entities and investments in unlisted companies based in the UK, including assistance with dispute resolution and litigation.


Business Growth

Business services include growth

  • Set goals and plan of action to get where you want to be – see strategic planning
  • The removal of the blocks from getting to where you want to be
  • Benchmarking against other companies in your industry – you know how it compares with the best and the average for their sector
  • Getting the systems in place to allow your business to grow
  • Performance monitoring, including the use of key performance indicators
  • Marketing strategy
  • Developing single point of sale
  • Customer service systems to help WOW your customers
  • Pricing strategy – have you tried what your optimal selling price
  • Lead generation systems
  • Sales conversion systems
  • The resale of systems
  • Obtaining financing so you can invest in growth
  • Improving the potential of team members
  • Measurement and test everything that can continually improve.

For more information, see our

  • Helpsheets business growth
  • Corporate profitability calculators

Annual Accounts Preparation

At Haris & Co Accountants, we can:

  • Prepare accounts to help in completing tax returns for self-evaluation
  • Produce financial statements presentation and Companies House abbreviated accounts to ensure the minimum amount of financial information is public.

Accounts are prepared to agreed timescales and deadlines. We not only identify areas where you can help minimise your tax liability but also help in identifying areas of business that will give the greatest opportunity for improvement. Using your account we help you gauge in compliance with its objectives and what actions to take.

We take the time to explain your accounts to you so you understand what is going on financially within your business, thus helping you plan for the future.


Management Accounts & Information

To date, relevant information and rapid production management allows you to make the right decisions.

Our management accounts and information services include:

  • Monthly or quarterly management accounts
  • Reporting of performance indicators that are the underlying factors that manage their business
  • Help with home systems so you can produce your own information
  • Training on how to make the most of your information
  • Providing management information to the lender
  • Branch / Division results
  • Actual performance compared to budget and / or comparative periods
  • Costing information, including the rotational levels of the equilibrium point.

About Us

We work closely with our clients and act for a wide range of corporate and personal clients.

Apart from the general accounting services, we also can help with business development and specialist tax services.

Our philosophy is to always do everything possible to:

  • Offering a friendly, courteous and efficient
  • Exceed their expectations
  • Listen to what he is saying
  • Communicate with you quickly and completely
  • Never surprise you with bills that are not waiting
  • Be honest, sincere and frank with you at all times
  • Aim for you to pay the least amount of tax payable within the law
  • Provide proactive business advice wherever possible.

You can receive a wide range of services and are familiar with business clients of new small businesses covering sectors such as:

  • Professional services
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Rental and development
  • Transport
  • Information Technology
  • Design and Marketing
  • Services companies.

We know that only time can win your confidence, so when we say, can and will do something, we do.

We hope to have that opportunity.



Take the stress of the documentation out of your hands

Let Haris & Co Accountants deal with your bills, bank statements, etc.

We can easily perform the following tasks for you:

  • Account Management
  • VAT refunds
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • End of year accounts
  • Estimated tax liability
  • You take the records (filed carefully!) And all the information you have agreed to offer.

It also makes it easier for us to handle any VAT inspections.

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